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Water Heater Replacement

We can change out your standard water heater or upgrade you to a Noritz Tankless System.

  • Take multiple showers in a row and NEVER run out of hot water.
  • Water heating bill reduced by up to 40%
  • $250 Rebate* on the replacement of your water tank.

*Purchase and install a natural gas tankless water heater with energy factor of .82 of higher and receive a 250.00 rebate from ONG. Rebates apply to qualified natural gas equipment. Customer must have a active ONG account. Rebate is on first come, first served basis until program funds are depleted.

This can all be yours NOW with a Tankless Water Heater.



 The tankless water heater is about the size of a small suitcase. It hangs on the wall in the same closet as your old tank type. We remove the old tank, make some minor piping changes and install a new stainless steel vent out your roof.

Energy Savings

 The tankless water heater gets it’s super efficiency from being off until someone opens a faucet. The electronic ignition lights the burner and provides just enough gas to heat the amount of water called for. The standard size will supply enough water to service 2-3 showers simultaneously.


 Does a tankless cost more than a standard tank type? YES. The initial investment is 2-3 times more. A Tankless will last 2-3 times longer and will pay for itself in gas savings.

N-0531S, N-0531S-ODN-0631S, N-0631S-OD, N-0751M, N-0751M-DV, N-0751M-DVC, N-0751M-OD, N-0841MC,

N-0841MC-DV, N-0842MC, N-0842MC-DV

Install must be completted by 12-31-2011

Model Up

The N-75 is the model typically installed. Other models are available depending on the application. To view all models and find more information visit www.noritz.com