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Trouble Shoot Your AC

Check These 5 Things Before Calling a Service Company
furnace technician working on heater

There are times when you need an HVAC expert to diagnose an issue with your furnace, but sometimes a little DIY investigating can save you time and money. 

We have been to those calls when a simple change of batteries fixes the system and it is something we would prefer to avoid, and we know you would as well. 

So check these five things first, before contacting and expert. We'll still be here if you need us.

  1. Inspect the Thermostat

Most homeowners will go here first when they sense something is wrong with their system. It might seem to simple,  but settings do get changed accidently or by a mis-programmed thermostat. Make sure the system is set to ON. Make sure the thermostat is set to COOL and that the set temperature is lower than the room temperature being sensed by the thermostat(if you are trying to cool your home). Also make sure there is not an issue with batteries. Not all thermostats run on batteries, but some do. 

2. Check the Filter

Homeowners know they should be changing filters on a regular basis, but everyone gets busy and its an easy thing to forget. Not all homeowners realize how big of an effect a dirty filter can have on the operation of their system. Clogged filters reduce air flow and this can cause you air conditioner to freeze when because of the lack of air flowing over the coil. When your AC freezes you will lose air flow and the system will no longer operate. So check those filters to make sure they are clean and you have good air flow.

4. Check your circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are there for a reason, to protect your equipment and you and your house. So proceed with caution and call an expert if you if you are unsure if you should proceed.  That being said, sometimes a temporary power surge caused by a storm or and electrical grid issue can cause a breaker to trip.  You can flip a breaker back on and if it doesn't trip again you should be fine. If it continues to trip you should contact an expert.

3. Check the outdoor coil

Air conditioners work by dissipating heat through the outdoor coil. If this coil becomes clogged with dog hair, leaves or other debris, then air flow is reduced and it can cause your system to stop operating. If you want to tackle this project be sure to shut off all electricity to the unit. This will be included in out $49 new customer tune up, so it is well worth it to give us a try.

5. Check for Condensate

Air conditioners produce condensate which drains into a small pipe and then into your plumbing system.  If a condensate drain becomes clogged there are safeties installed to shut off your air conditioner and prevent damage to your home. Cleaning out a condensate drain is usually an easy fix but call an expert if its something you don't want to tackle.

If after checking these five things you still cant get your furnace to operate fill out the form below or call us at 405-949-5555 to schedule a service call. 

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New customers only. Not valid with other offers. Diagnostic Required.

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