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AC Tune-Ups In Oklahoma City

Comprehensive AC Maintenance 

Air conditioning maintenance is one of the most important — yet often overlooked — aspects of owning a home. Being diligent about high quality, regular seasonal AC tune-ups can mean the difference between an air conditioner that reliably cools your home for 15 years and one that experiences total failure after nine years.

We all understand that our vehicles require regular oil changes to function properly. Our air conditioners are no different and require regular maintenance to run efficiently. Luckily, when it comes to Oklahoma City AC maintenance, no one is more thorough or determined to do a better job than the professionals here at Hill & Company.

How Often Is AC Maintenance Required?

Most manufacturers recommend that you have your air conditioner inspected and tuned up at least once a year to maintain optimal function.

If you’re wondering when the best time to schedule this maintenance is, we suggest spring!

In terms of AC work, spring tends to be the off-season and scheduling your tune-up then will ensure that your air conditioner is equipped to handle the full force of the summer temperatures. However, a tune-up at any time of the year is better than none at all.

Main Benefits Of Quality AC Maintenance

Many benefits come with being diligent about your annual air conditioner maintenance. The professionals here at Hill & Company want to ensure that the community of OKC has access to the highest quality tune-ups around.

To give our clients a better idea of how beneficial investing in quality maintenance is, here are some of the biggest benefits associated with regular tune-ups.

Consistent Utility Bills

A well-maintained system means an efficient, well-running system and this efficiency directly translates into more consistent utility bills. Most homeowners are surprised by how much money quality maintenance can save them.

Increased Lifespan

The average air conditioning system has a lifespan of between 15-20 years. The best way to ensure that your system will reach the high end of that average is through quality and consistent annual AC tune-ups.

Reduced Repair Costs

One of the biggest benefits of quality maintenance is the increased protection from unexpected, major AC repairs. Not only will major issues be fixed before they have the chance to get worse, but you’ll also have a better idea of the overall condition of your system.

This means that when something major does need to be repaired, it likely won’t be a costly expense that comes seemingly out of nowhere.

Warranty Compliance

For many HVAC manufacturers, regular maintenance is a required step in order to keep the system under its manufacturer’s warranty. For new systems, this is particularly important.

An air conditioner isn’t an insignificant investment for your home — and with maintenance from Hill & Company, you can rest assured that your investment is as protected as possible.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system is one of the biggest contributing factors to the quality of the air inside your home. Not only do air conditioners utilize filters that affect indoor air quality (IAQ), but the overall condition of your system plays a role in how clean the air is inside your home.

Over time, dirt, dust and debris can accumulate on the interior of your system. These particulates can be released throughout your space. Our professional inspections will ensure that your system isn’t negatively impacting your home’s air quality in any way.

Schedule Your Tune-Up

Here at Hill & Company, we’re dedicated to our clients for the long term. We want to be the company you call to install, maintain, repair and replace your HVAC systems for decades to come.

We understand that longevity isn’t possible without a foundation built on trust, integrity and unwavering standards of quality. If you need anything for your AC system, don’t hesitate to call the pros at Hill & Company today!

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