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technician performing heater repair on a furnace inside a home
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You don’t get to choose when HVAC emergencies strike, which is why heating repairs need to happen on your schedule! At Hill & Company, we make sure that all of our repair services happen on a flexible schedule.

Looking for heating repairs can be a daunting task, but we make sure to get the job done right the first time, every time. Some of the most common problems that we see in furnaces are easily fixed — all you have to do is call to get expert advice on how to fix them.

Little problems within your furnace can turn into much bigger problems over time, so never hesitate to call!

technician performing heater repair on a furnace inside a home

Our Service Guarantee

Scheduling heater repair can be extraordinarily delicate, and many homeowners don’t want to have to restart the process all over again if the job is done wrong!

That’s one of the reasons why our team at Hill & Company makes sure to provide quality guarantees to all our Oklahoma City families — so that no one gets left with poor service!

When you’re trying to schedule repair services, make sure to look out for any abnormal behavior from your HVAC unit.

It could be time to schedule repairs if you see any sudden changes in quality or costs.

When Should I Schedule Heater Repair Services?

Scheduling repair services has never been easier, but there’s still a time and a place to schedule it! There are lots of warning signs that can be caught early, giving you plenty of time to be able to schedule the repair services that you need. Some of these signs are explored below.

Loud Noises And Foul Smells

Loud noises and foul smells are not only a massive disruption to your day-to-day operations, but they can also be a sign that your HVAC system may be in need of repair. When the heat from your furnace touches the cold metal ducts, it causes the metal to expand. This can result in loud bangs that are extraordinarily disruptive and jarring at times.

Foul smells could be caused by unclean air filters or debris that is left in the vents for too long coming into contact with heat, which makes the smell worse.

Lack Of Heating And Less Energy Efficiency

If you’re noticing less heat coming out of your heater, it could be time to schedule repair services. This could be caused by dirty air filters, but can also come from failures in power or blocked airflow.

This also causes the furnace to use more energy, meaning that you’re paying more for less heat. Make sure to move furniture that is blocking vents, clean your ducts regularly and replace your air filter when necessary. If this is still not solving your problem, it may be time to schedule repairs.

Massive Costs Of Repair And Operation

If your furnace is starting to cost more to repair and operate, it could be because of the age and health of the unit. Make sure to perform any regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning — and keep an eye on your energy bill.

The United States Department of Energy makes it clear that any furnace that is operating with a SEER number of under 14 is becoming more and more inefficient, meaning there may be better options for you. Call one of our experts at Hill & Company to discover the benefits of heater replacement versus repair!

Call Today For A Reliable Local Furnace Repair Company

Finding reliable furnace repair can be difficult and frustrating. Luckily, Hill & Company provides the best prices and expertise to Oklahoma City! This makes the choice easy for any family that is in need of an HVAC intervention.

Whether the problem is big or small, our experts have the tools to fix it the first time. Call today for a chat with one of our technicians and to schedule any necessary HVAC repair!

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