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Well-designed, properly installed ductwork is vital for a traditional HVAC system to function properly. It’s been proven that an HVAC system can lose up to 30% of its efficiency through faults in the ductwork.

This means that even the most efficient heating and cooling system can become crippled by a less-than-efficient ductwork system. When you want to make sure that your ducts aren’t dragging your entire system down and you need the best duct repair services around, then the pros here at Hill & Company have you covered.

5 Hidden Signs Of Air Duct Damage

Air ducts are usually installed in places where they aren’t easily accessible, like attics, crawlspaces and between walls.

While this keeps them out of the way, it comes with the unfortunate consequence of making it difficult to identify when problems might impact your system.

Fortunately, there are a few signs that all homeowners should be aware of when it comes to residential ductwork.

The team here at Hill & Company wants all our clients to know about them so they can stay on top of the condition of their HVAC system and know when to call for repairs before minor problems become major.

Poor Airflow

Ductwork is meant to provide a sealed pathway between the air handler and the rooms of your home. If you notice poor or disrupted airflow in different rooms of your home, it could be a sign that a segment of your ductwork is damaged and needs to be repaired.

Uneven Temperature Distribution

Even if there isn’t a noticeable difference in airflow, specific rooms being significantly hotter or cooler could indicate ductwork faults. Damaged air ducts, leaks, kinks and holes can cause inconsistent temperatures. Reach out to our team to schedule a system inspection if you’re experiencing this in your home.

Inconsistent Utility Bills

Typically, the HVAC system is responsible for a significant portion of the energy consumed by a home. That’s why your utility bill could be a good indicator of the ongoing status of your HVAC system.

The only major changes in your utility bills generally come from the shift from summer to winter and vice-versa. If you notice any abnormal fluctuations in your utility bill, it’s a good idea to have your system inspected by a professional.

Excessive Dust Buildup

As long as you’re being diligent about changing your system’s air filters, there should be minimal buildup in your vents and registers. If you notice any excessive dust buildup, it could be a sign that a fault in the system is allowing dust into your ducts.

Strange Odors Or Noisy Ducts

Ductwork is supposed to form an enclosed, sealed pathway for your conditioned air. Strange noises coming from your ducts, such as squeaking, rattling and whistling could be a sign of loose registers and connections. These issues can lower your system’s efficiency and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Air Duct Repairs & Replacement From A Team Who Cares

Regardless of the air duct issues you’re dealing with, Hill & Company has the Oklahoma City air duct repairs that you need to ensure that your ductwork is functioning as it should.

In the cases where a simple repair just isn’t enough, we’re the air duct replacement company for you. If you want to make sure that your ductwork isn’t holding your system back, half that battle is won during installation. Our certified technicians have everything it takes to install your ductwork system right the first time.

The Ductwork You Need From The Team In The Lead

Here at Hill & Company, we strive to be a truly comprehensive HVAC service, from whole-system installations to the best-in-class ductwork design and installation. Don’t hesitate to call us for any kind of HVAC service you need for your Oklahoma City home. After all, It’s hard to top a Hill!

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