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ductless ac unit positioned on the wall in a residential home
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When considering air conditioner replacement, Hill & Company finds that many people immediately resort to replacing their existing cooling system with a unit that’s exactly the same. If that type of system has been reliably serving your home for years, why fix something that isn’t broken?

What many people might not consider is that over the last several decades, the HVAC industry has evolved. Today, there is a range of air conditioning systems available to fulfill almost every need for all types of households, including ductless AC!

ductless ac unit positioned on the wall in a residential home

How Does A Ductless AC Work?

Ductless AC systems utilize refrigerant just like traditional split AC systems.

The difference is that ductless ACs don’t combine an outdoor compressor with a single centralized condenser that’s tied to a system of ductwork.

Instead, ductless units function by utilizing a condenser unit with a series of air handlers installed in various “zones” throughout a space.

Utilizing multiple air handlers allows these systems to function entirely duct-free. This translates to a far more functional and versatile cooling system.

6 Main Benefits Of Going Ductless

Ductless systems could be considered the next step in the natural progression of HVAC technology. Essentially functioning using the same principles as traditional systems, they can operate far more efficiently.

Here’s a list of six of the biggest benefits associated with upgrading to a ductless system.

Lower Utility Bills

It’s been proven that ductwork can account for a significant portion of an HVAC system’s overall efficiency loss. This makes ductwork a very common and major point of failure for most systems that are eliminated when you go ductless.

This increase in efficiency tends to translate directly into lower utility bills. Homeowners who make the switch can save on their annual cooling costs.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Another negative aspect of ductwork is the potential impact on your indoor air quality (IAQ). Poorly maintained ducts can lower your home’s IAQ. As dust accumulates in ductwork, it can be picked up by the system’s airflow and carried into your home.

Eliminating air ducts from your system can dramatically improve your IAQ. Combining a lack of ductwork with highly efficient filters creates an environment with far better indoor air quality.

Quieter Operation

Ductless systems tend to operate with far less noise than traditional systems. You might not even notice how disruptive your current system is until you experience the silent operation of a ductless system.

Zoned Heating & Cooling

Ductless systems are far more versatile than traditional systems, largely because most of them are capable of zoned heating and cooling. This means that individual air handlers are capable of providing different temperatures in various zones simultaneously.

Additionally, most air handlers can reverse their function to provide heating in addition to their efficient cooling.


Ductless systems come in a wide range of styles and function options. Air handlers can be installed virtually anywhere in your home — vertically or horizontally. Since there’s no need for ductwork, they take up much less space when compared to traditional units.

Lose The Ducts & Discover A New Level Of Climate Control

When you choose Hill & Company for your Oklahoma City ductless AC installation, you can rest assured our team is fully qualified and trained to the highest standards of the HVAC industry.

Mini-split air conditioners are capable of saving homeowners money while adding a range of features and functionality to their residential climate control. If you feel like you could benefit by upgrading to a ductless cooling system, don’t hesitate to give our team a call today!

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