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If it is time for an air conditioning system upgrade you can stop your search for the best HVAC installation company, the quality of our AC installations is unmatched. Our top notch air conditioning replacement crews use unparalleled installation methods to make sure you receive all of the comfort and efficiency that today's air conditioning equipment offers. Standard 2 year labor warranties, lifetime workmanship and a satisfaction guarantees that other companies don't dare offer. Call today for a free home comfort evaluation or contact us here for any air conditioning replacement questions.

trane air conditioner replacement

The Replacement  Experts


We do it the right way. From the initial consultation to the final inspection. You won't find a better value in an HVAC system replacement.

Hard To Top

We Bring Value from the Start

Homeowners realize value from our initial consultation- without a penny from their pockets. Customers often ask, "Will it really take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the home comfort evaluation?" and the answer is "Yes". While it's not always convenient, it is a time investment that is well worth it for us as a company and for you as a customer.  

Our Comfort Consultants will do a through evaluation of you heating and cooling system, including a heat gain/loss and airflow analysis of your home to determine the proper size system and installation requirements for your home. You will then be provided with all of your options so that you can make the best decision for you, your home and your budget.

Equally as important, you can rest assured that our Comfort Consultants will never pressure you into making a decision. 



Best in the Business

We Install by the Book

The time invested in the initial consultation pays off when it comes to the installation. A job quoted correctly from the start ensures an efficient installation that meets or exceeds local building codes and maximizes customer satisfaction during and after the installation. Our detailed initial consultation is one reason we are able to offer our Ultimate Guarantee and our Fixed Price Guarantee.

Quality is one of our core values and we strive to achieve the highest quality installations possible.  Our standard installation procedures including correct welding techniques, proper system charging, and proper airflow allows your new system to achieve the highest efficiency and comfort possible.

Our background and drug-screened installers will treat you and your home with respect. They will work efficiently and are able to complete most installations in one day.

Peace of Mind

We Set the Standard

We set the standard when it comes to peace of mind. Our installs come with a standard two year warranty and our guarantees and willingness to back them up are unmatched.

Ultimate Guarantee- If you are not 100% satisfied with the performance of the equipment or the quality of the installation, we ill make any and all modifications, up to and including a full refund within 1 year.

Fixed Price Guarantee- The price will not change for the scope of work once the installation begins. If we fail to include components or material required to make the system operate properly or required to pass a city inspection, it is on us. 





We Reverse the Risk

An HVAC installation is the riskiest purchase a homeowner will make:

  • It's a very large investment.

  • It requires technical expertise and knowledge of fuel gas, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and building codes for proper installation.

  • The physical nature of the installation, including the weight and location of equipment, puts the installers health and your property at risk.

  • To top it all off, you might not know if any of it has been installed properly until long after your check has been cashed.

We have taken on all of  the risk with excellent worker's compensation and liability policies, bonds, appropriate licenses and permits, and the best guarantees in the business. We back it up with our reputation in the community and decades of faithfully serving Oklahomans.

The bottom line is that if there is a problem with the installation, it's our problem.

Fill Out the Form Below or Call Us at 405.949.55555 for your Free Home Comfort Evaluation 

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