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How To Fix Common Toilet Problems

Combat Issues With Your Oklahoma City Commode

Navigating the world of bathroom maintenance is no easy feat, especially when it comes to your toilet. This fixture stands as the household throne, making a functioning commode a necessity for Oklahoma homeowners.

Hill & Company stands as a trusted source of relief for plumbing repair in Oklahoma City. Our experienced plumbers aim to combat plumbing problems with ease, leaving you with an appliance that surpasses your expectations. Read ahead to learn the solutions for common toilet issues that promise a serene and functional bathroom space.

Common Toilet Issues And Their Solutions

In every home, the toilet plays a pivotal role in comfort and convenience. This appliance works to quietly meet our needs until a problem surfaces.

It’s crucial to understand the most common issues that could be disrupting the peace of your bathroom sanctuary. Knowing these problems can help you determine when to contact our experienced plumbers for assistance.

Toilet Leaking From Tank

A dripping tank not only tests your patience but also has the potential to significantly inflate your water bill. There are a few common culprits to this issue. Often, a flapper valve begging for an upgrade or a tank-to-bowl gasket seal that’s seen better days is the source of the issue.

A quick replacement of these parts — following a shutoff of the water supply — typically seals the deal against tank leaks.

Toilet Won’t Flush But Is Not Clogged

When the commode refuses to flush without a clog in sight, the cause might be a lift chain that’s either too loose or has come undone. This issue can leave the flapper unlifted and the fixture unflushed.

A simple adjustment or reconnection can help the appliance flush efficiently. Corrosion can cause the chain to break, creating a need for replacement. It’s also wise to check if the tank’s water level is high enough to enable a complete flush.

Prevent Phantom Flushing: How To Fix A Running Toilet

Phantom flushing — a phenomenon where the toilet seems to flush by itself — often hints at a slow leak from the tank into the bowl. The first step in tackling this is to inspect the flapper for any signs of wear or improper seating. If the flapper appears worn or fails to form a tight seal, replacing it is necessary.

Additionally, checking the water level in the tank is vital. It should be about an inch below the overflow tube. If the water level is too high, it can lead to constant leaking into the bowl, causing the fixture to run consistently.

Adjusting the float to lower the water level can prevent overfilling. These measures not only halt the ghostly flushing but also conserve water and reduce utility bills.

Ensure Adequate Water Flow: How To Change A Fill Valve

A bowl that’s low on water often points to a damaged or improperly positioned fill valve. This component is a crucial part of your commode, providing water that refills the bowl. Adjusting the valve can correct the issue. However, damage may create a need for a replacement.

  • Turn off the water — Locate the shutoff valve behind the toilet and turn it clockwise to stop the water supply.
  • Drain the tank — Flush the commode to drain most of the water. Soak up any remaining water with a sponge or towel.
  • Remove the old valve — Disconnect the water supply line from the bottom of the tank. Unscrew the locknut that holds the component in place and remove it from the tank.
  • Install the new valve — Insert the new fill valve into the hole in the tank. Secure it in place with the locknut, hand-tightening it to ensure a proper seal.
  • Connect the water supply — Reattach the water supply line to the new valve. Adjust the height of the new valve according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the correct water level in the tank.
  • Turn on the water and test — Turn the water supply back on and allow the tank to fill. Flush the fixture a few times to ensure the new fill valve functions correctly.

If replacing your own valve isn’t something you’re capable of or interested in doing, our team is here to help!

Hill & Co. understands the importance of functional bathroom plumbing. With our skills and expertise, you can trust our team to assist with all your repair needs. We have top-tier solutions and efficient technology to ensure a reliable commode in your Oklahoma home.

Trust Hill & Company With Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

While many commode repairs are within the reach of a determined DIY enthusiast, certain situations call for professional expertise. Hill & Company stands ready to tackle any plumbing challenge, maximizing the efficiencies of your restroom plumbing system.

From stubborn leaks to mysterious clogs in kitchens and bathrooms, our team brings efficiency and experience to every job.

When it comes to your plumbing system, prevention and prompt action are essential to avoid larger problems later on. Allow our team to handle your bathroom plumbing needs, ensuring your home remains a space of complete comfort and functionality.

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