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5 Ways To Stop Your Leaking Faucet

Learn How To Fix A Dripping Faucet In Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma City — where the community thrives on resilience and unity — a persistently leaking faucet can disrupt the harmony of any household. Hill & Company understands that beyond the annoyance, a leak signifies wasted resources and potential cause of costly water bills.

Tackling a plumbing leak helps conserve water while upholding the serenity of your home. Our team is here to share a few comprehensive methods to address your leaking fixture, ranging from quick fixes to more complex solutions.

Why Is Your Faucet Dripping?

Handling a leaky fixture can seem chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be! The first step in addressing a leak is understanding its cause.

Whether it’s a bathtub faucet dripping or a kitchen tap leak, various factors may be at fault. Knowing your faucet type (compression, cartridge, ball or disc) is crucial for pinpointing the issue.

1. Tap Is Leaking From Handle: Tighten The Fixture

A loose handle can sometimes cause water leaks. If your tap is leaking from the handle, try tightening the screw at the handle’s base with the appropriate screwdriver. Be cautious not to over-tighten, as this could damage the handle or affect its operation.

2. Replace The Faucet Washer

A common reason for faucet leaks is a deteriorated washer. This small rubber disk provides a tight seal around the fixture, preventing water from escaping when the tap isn’t in use. If you’re wondering how to replace a faucet washer, follow these steps:

  • Shut off the water supply.
  • Remove the decorative cap from the handle if there is one.
  • Unscrew the handle and remove it.
  • Unscrew the packing nut around the valve stem.
  • Remove the stem from the base of the valve.
  • Take out the old washer and replace it with a new one that matches in size and shape.
  • Reassemble the faucet and restore the water supply.

This method is typically applicable to compression faucets. When your plumbing parts are in need of an upgrade, Hill & Co. can assist you with the replacement process!

3. Check The O-Ring: A Potential Leak Source

Another potential source of leaks — particularly in cartridge faucets — is a worn-out O-ring. This small, disc-shaped seal can become loose or degrade over time, leading to leaks around the handle. Replacing the O-ring involves disassembling the handle and locating the old O-ring to swap it with a new one.

4. Clean Or Replace The Valve Seat

The valve seat, which connects the faucet and the spout, can accumulate mineral deposits and cause leaks. Cleaning the valve seat regularly with a professional tool can prevent this issue.

If the valve seat appears severely worn or damaged, replacing it may be necessary. This is a task best handled by professional plumbers like those at Hill & Company.

5. Professional Assistance: Schedule Plumbing Repairs With Hill & Company

Some leaks defy simple fixes and require professional intervention. If your fixture continues to leak after trying these methods, or if the problem stems from a complex issue like a damaged valve seat or a faulty cartridge, it’s time to seek expert assistance.

Hill & Company’s skilled Oklahoma City plumbers can diagnose and repair plumbing issues, including toilets. You can trust our local plumbing company to ensure your system operates flawlessly.

Experience Leak-Free Living In Oklahoma City, OK

A leaking faucet, while seemingly minor, can lead to significant issues if ignored. By employing these strategies, you can take proactive steps to maintain your plumbing fixtures. However, when DIY methods are not enough, Hill & Company is at your service.

Our trustworthy team is ready to handle all your plumbing needs, restoring efficiency and peace to your home. Contact us today to ensure your home remains a sanctuary of comfort and functionality.

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